Testimony of a Financial Blessing


Testimony from the United States

Pastor Israel is more than just a minister of God’s word. He is a true missionary with a heart for God’s work. He is an anointed man of the Lord who has proven himself in trust, discipline and obedience. The Lord has produced great amounts of fruit through his servant. Through him the Lord has performed miracles and healings, as well as salvation and conversions of the lost throughout the world.

Pastor Israel not only needs financial partners for additional property and buildings in India, but also to reach the lost in other nations. If the Lord has placed a burden on your heart please help. We cannot reach the nations on our own, but we have been blessed with the ability to reach the lost by sowing into this ministry. The blessings have returned a hundred-fold and the joy we have seen and felt is truly a gift from God.

– Dave and Pat, United States


Testimony from the New York

Hello Pastor Ponnappah & Family,

We thank God for Pastor Ponnappah because we reaped the benefit! Pastor Ponnappah was sensitive enough to listen to the Holy Spirit & to come meet with people that are desperate for God in New York, USA. We have been praying together & crying out to God for 7 years & asking God to move in a great way among us? This past Wednesday was our day! God delivered people from the demonic oppressions that had kept them bound. We all received very personal prophetic words from the Lord that strengthened our hearts & gave us Hope!!! God took my ministry to the next level through the anointing! People were healed from their personal & physical distresses! We praise God for the anointing on Pastor Ponnappah’s life. He is a Godly & Holy man that loves his wife & family. Thank you to all you Beautiful people of India for lending us your Pastor. We were so Blessed!!!! We can’t thank you enough!!! We send you Blessings from New York!

– Director of “AITV Ministry” Celeste LoSardo

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