The Church of Glory originally began in a rented building, and through much opposition and struggle, we were able to move to a manger. After some time the Lord led us to construct our own church, which we now occupy. We now have over 2500 believers in attendance with His wonderful presence and blessings. Please pray for the completion of the church as well as for the purchase of adjoining property for the enlargement of the church.

Church of Glory - Branches

Church of Glory, Odisha
Church of Glory, Kerala

:: Future Church Project ::

Our future plan to construct the Church of Glory with 10000 (ten thousand) seating capacity.

:: Youth & Children's Ministry ::

Our youth take part in their own choir and we teach them the greatness of the Word. We challenge them in faith and work to stir up the anointing within them. The youth are very strong in Christ and are bold enough to reach the society for the Lord.
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