Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome to the Web site of Israel J Ponnappah Ministries. This is Rev. Dr. Israel J Ponnappah and his family: his wife, Sister Premalatha, and their children, Joshua Israel (left) and Jonathan Israel (right). Pastor Israel praises God for you all, keeping you in his prayers always.
Rev. Dr.  Israel J Ponnappah is an anointed man of God. Several years ago a decaying lung brought him to his death bed. God appeared to him and healed him. The Lord then commissioned him to preach the gospel throughout the world. Since then, he has become the founder and president of Christ Guidance Mission.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Theology, Diploma in Co-operation, and a Doctorate in Divinity. He is also the senior pastor of the Church of Glory in South India. He travels extensively throughout the world, speaking and holding healing crusades and seminars.


She holds a Bachelor of Divinity. God has anointed her with a Gift of Worship. She leads the choir in Church of Glory. She travels with Dr. Israel J Ponnappah extensively.


First son of Dr.Israel J Ponnappah. He holds a Masters in International Business and also a Graduate from city Harvest school of Theology,Singapore. He has a great heart for music and worship. He is also an associate Pastor of Church of Glory.


Second son of Dr.Israel J Ponnappah. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration. He is the head of CGM Media. He Produces Dr.Israel J Ponnappah's TV programs and all other ministerial products.

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